GorF memory

It’s been a while since I did an update, so….

Whilst away on holiday I managed to get the I2C link working for the EEPROM, I’ve added a bank selection mode and it’s almost working (reading and writing a single byte works perfectly, but writing a patch, then loading it seems to cause some mangling).

Hopefully in a week or so, there should be a version 0.31 of the OS up, which has working bank selection.

I’ve also tidied up the start up process, so when you power up GorF doesn’t mangle the patch loaded for the first run through. and tidied up the internal code a little bit.

Some people have had issues with noisy supplies, the simple fix for this is to take two 100nF capacitors, solder one across the input of the 7805 regulator, and the other across the output of the 7805 regulator. I’ll add this mod to mine, take pictures and upload them in the next couple of days so people can easily see good places to solder these.

In the meantime, I have 15 GorF PCBs left, I have 15 MEGA32′s to hand which I can program up as required. Just to give the prices again ;-

Kit 1 (7 UKP) , PCB only, postage is

  • 1 UKP to the UK
  • 2 UKP to Europe
  • 3 UKP to the US
  • 4 UKP to anywhere else in the world
Kit 2 (15 UKP), PCB + Micro, postage is
  • 1.50 UKP to the UK
  • 2.00 UKP to Europe
  • 3.00 UKP to the US
  • 4.00 UKP to anywhere else

3 Responses to “GorF memory”

  1. Patrick Logue Says:

    Do you have any of Kit 2 left? If so I would like to take one.

    Patrick Logue

  2. Paul Says:

    I do, email on it’s way to you.


  3. Jimmy Says:


    Greetings from Dublin! I’d love 2 batches of Kit2 if you have any left?