GorF Kits

Well, the last GorF kit 5 has been shipped. There now remains less than 20 PCBs to sell. I have enough micro’s left for the 20 remaining PCBs should people want “kit 2″.

I’m still trying to find time to work on the final bit of the code, support for the I2C EEPROM. I’ve been doing some digging and friend pointed me at a handy resource which should answer the questions I have.

I’ve got a couple of updates I need to add to the page, including pictures of various cases people have made and some other useful additions (like a PDF showing placements of parts, thanks Peter).

One Response to “GorF Kits”

  1. Jay Vaughan Says:

    This is good news .. I for one will be happy when you post the source to the last release, because I’d sure like to make a few additions of my own ..