An old friend

Well, looky here….

A friend of mine is selling his MonoWave and has given it me to check over.

It’s in great condition, and despite being serial number 0007 (the 2nd production unit) it’s got version 4.07d firmware and works perfectly. no scratches or dings that I can see.

He’s asked me to sell it on his behalf, and he’s looking for around 650 UKP (the last two I saw on ebay fetched over 800UKP), so if you want it, shout, it won’t last long….

2 Responses to “An old friend”

  1. M-.-n Says:

    Damn ! I so want it. But I might move far away soon and I got already too many things I need to “unload”.

    How’s your fiddling with the line6 core dev ? I haven’t spent that much time with it but was not too impressed so far coz it’s really finnicky to get running.

    Cheers P,

  2. J. Says:

    I would be interested, but I guess it’s already sold, isn’t it?