GorF version 0.27

GorF Version 0.27 is up, this allows chaining of two patterns, to do this

- Press Load
- Press two patterns, any two.
- It’s say “CHN” showing that it’s in chain mode.
- When you exit Load mode, you’ll notice that the first letter of the current mode (note, velo, cc1, etc) changes from lower case to upper case. When in lower case, the lowest number of the two patterns is being edited, when in upper case the higher of the two patterns.

This does mean you have to be careful about what step you’re editing in which half.

Root Note, Sync, Pot Scale, Speed, CC1 and CC2 values are taken form the lower numbered of the two patterns in the chain.

When saving, you can only save both halves at the same time, into the same locations they are currently (unlike single pattern mode where you can save a pattern anywhere).

If you press only one pattern when in Load mode you’ll see “sin” showing you’re playing a single pattern.

Sysex file is available from the downloads section of the GorF webpages

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