GorF Update

Well it’s been a while but what a doozy of an update I’ve got for you,

Firstly, I’ve got GorF now chaining two patterns, though at the moment it doesn’t remember edits to the two patterns, you can now link them and have 16 notes playing. Once I’ve got an edit buffer in I’ll be posting the new code and sysex file.

In other news, a GorF user called Mark had a friend of his, Chris make a perspex case kit for GorF. Chris going to be selling them himself and you can contact him by emailing him here – muddy250( at )yahoo.co.uk . I’ve got mine on order and here’s the video of the kit and how to assemble it.

3 Responses to “GorF Update”

  1. Jase M Says:

    Hey, will the cases be sold through here or do we need to contact him via YouTube?

  2. Paul Says:

    Hi, I’ve amended the post with his email address ( muddy250( at )yahoo.co.uk ). He’ll be selling them himself.

    Best wishes

  3. M-.-n Says:

    Fantastic !