GorF Kits, The Return

Ladies and Gents,

 I have some more GorF kits for sale. I’m also dropping kits 3 and 4, as I only sold 2. Most people seem to want either Kit 5 (90% of orders) or Kit 2 (about 9%).

 I’ve added the Crystal Oscillator module to Kit 5, as a lot of people seemed to be struggling to find them, I have had to increase the cost to cover the cost of the part.

Kit 1 (7 UKP) , PCB only (I have plenty of these), postage is

  • 1 UKP to the UK
  • 2 UKP to Europe
  • 3 UKP to the US
  • 4 UKP to anywhere else in the world
Kit 2 (15 UKP), PCB + Micro (I have a load of preprogrammed chips ready to go), postage is
  • 1.50 UKP to the UK
  • 2.00 UKP to Europe
  • 3.00 UKP to the US
  • 4.00 UKP to anywhere else

Kit 5 (61 UKP), PCB + micro + pots + switches + displays + Crystal Oscillator, I have 10 2 of these at the moment (15/04/2009). Postage is as follows ;-

  • 3.00 UKP to the UK
  • 5.00 UKP to Europe
  • 6.00 UKP to the US
  • 7.00 UKP to anywhere else
The ordering process works like this, so please read carefully.
  1. Send an email to “orders(a_t)vacoloco.net” stating what kits and quantities you want and where you are in the world.
  2. I will respond with availability and cost. I’ll also include details of how to send money to my paypal account. I will then reserve a kit for 7 days until payment is received.
  3. Once I receive your payment, the kit will get posted sometime during the working week after (dependent on when I can get to the post office).
  4. I’ll send you an email saying it’s been posted.

4 Responses to “GorF Kits, The Return”

  1. czapto Says:

    hi! your project is amazing, and i wanna try it but unfortunately link is dead, could you re-upload file?
    I would be grateful
    thanks :)

  2. Paul Says:

    The link is dead because there’s a new version ;-


  3. Paul Says:

    I’ve fixed the dead link, so you can flash your AVR with version 0.22 then upgrade to version 0.24 via MIDI, I’ll upload a newer version of the flash and eeprom code shortly.

  4. czapto Says:

    thank you very much sir :)