GorF Firmware Update

Ladies and Gents,

 Version 0.23 of the firmware for GorF is available here. This includes two bug fixes.

  • Stuck notes, if you happen to change a note value whilst it’s playing that step, it sometimes gave you stuck notes.
  • Jittery Pots, many people seem to be experiencing jittery pots (the values don’t seem to remain stable so the display looks like it’s jiggling), so there’s now a Moving Average Window Filter included for reading the pot values which seems to have smoothed things out considerably (Thanks to Eric Bromaugh for helping me understand the concept). It also uses the left most digit to show which pot is changing (1 to 8).

This isn’t a version 1.00 release because I’m still working on chaining of patterns, I have the basics working, but I’ev not yet found a suitable method for editing the second half of the pattern. I’ll be tinkering with this during the next week or so.

Also on the downloads page is the source code for this release, once I get the pattern chain in, it’ll goto version 1.00 and the source will be uploaded.

It’s worth noting that you need to send the sysex to GorF slowly, if you send it too fast it may look like it’s worked but may actually be corrupt. I will improve the bootloader to find out why it’s not doing the checksum correctly and flagging up when it’s gone wrong.

People have used Mac OSX SysEx librarian running at 200 bytes a second to update GorF and done so successfully, it does mean it takes longer to update, but it also means it’ll work first time.

With Midi-Ox, I’d suggest an output buffer size of 64 bytes, number of output buffers 2, delay between buffers of 800mSec.

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