GorF Build Issues

A few people have had problems with their GorF kits, this has been tracked down to an issue with the orientation of the switches. So I’ll explain in more detail here.

The switches do have a “+” on the bottom of them, and this pin must go into the hole nearest the “+” sign on the position for the PCB. Now the “+” on the switch is not very clear, so here’s another way to tell.

(Click on any of the pictures for a high-res version)

Above is a picture of the offending switch view from one side. Notice how one edge is lower than the other? in this picture, the right hand edge has a “notch” or “step” compared with the left hand side. Here’s a better shot from the side.


here you can clearly see that the top right hand edge has a “step” when compared with the left. 

Well, on GorF this “step” should be at the top of all switches, here’s a picture showing this in my GorF,

Notice how all the “steps” line up along both rows of switches?

Here’s another from above,


again, notice the “top” edge of the switches (closest to the 7 segment displays) has the “step” in?

If you do this when in install your switches and also double check by looking for the little “+” on the bottom (I couldn’t get a good picture of the switch to show this) and ensure it’s lined up with the plus on the PCB you should have no problems.

as for the LEDs, again, check they’re in the correct way round and the 7 segment displays (the dot should be in the bottom right hand corner).

Happy building!


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