GorF Kit availability

Ladies and Gents,

 I have some GorF kits for sale. I had enough to build 15 of Kit 5, and I offered them up first to people on the vacoloco mail list. 10 of them got sold, and much to my surprise a lot of Kit 2 also got sold. The main reason for this was so that I could make sure I could accept, process and deliver an order with the minimal amount of fuss and also to help me keep track of the process.

so, as of 9am, sunday the 8th of march I have the following for sale ;-

Kit 1 , PCB only cost is 7 UKP (I have plenty of these), postage is

  • 1 UKP to the UK
  • 2 UKP to Europe
  • 3 UKP to the US
  • 4 UKP to anywhere else in the world
Kit 2, PCB + Micro (I have about 30 preprogrammed chips ready to go) is 15 UKP, postage is
  • 1.50 UKP to the UK
  • 2.00 UKP to Europe
  • 3.00 UKP to the US
  • 4.00 UKP to anywhere else
Kit 3, PCB + micro + pots, I have only one of these at the moment, this is 21 UKP, postage is ;-
  • 2.00 UKP to the UK
  • 3.00 UKP to Europe
  • 4.00 UKP to the US
  • 5.00 UKP to anywhere else
Kit 4, PCB + micro + pots + Switches, alas, I have none of these, due to the supply of switches (more in a moment).
Kit 5, PCB + micro + pots + switches + displays, I have 5 one none of these at the moment (though there will be more soon). Postage is as follows ;-
  • 3.00 UKP to the UK
  • 5.00 UKP to Europe
  • 6.00 UKP to the US
  • 7.00 UKP to anywhere else
The ordering process works like this, so please read carefully.
  1. Send an email to “orders(a_t)vacoloco.net” stating what kits and quantities you want and where you are in the world. Please note, that currently I’m not selling multiples of kit 5 to one person, as I want to keep the distribution of these fair.
  2. I will respond with availability and cost. I’ll also include details of how to send money to my paypal account. I will then reserve a kit for 7 days until payment is received.
  3. Once I receive your payment, the kit will get posted sometime during the working week after (dependent on when I can get to the post office).
  4. I’ll send you an email saying it’s been posted.
Kits in the future,
I’ve finally found a UK supplier of switches and I’ve ordered enough switches and caps for another 28 kits, should be with me in about two or three weeks.
I’m struggling with a supplier for the pots now, all the ones I’ve spoken to have an MOQ of 6000! So I’ll be speaking with RS monday and seeing if I can work with them to find a solution.
I know some of the first batches of kits have arrived, and I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t get all the parts for more kits to start with (I cleared out two UK suppliers of switches and pots, even getting parts shipped in from european branches to cover my orders).
22:35 GMT: Updated quantity of Kit 5 available now.
11th March 2009 – Updated Kit 5 quantity, Sold out for the moment.

10 Responses to “GorF Kit availability”

  1. firestarter Says:

    Yeah! it arrived today, lets see if i can get it running this weekend :)

  2. firestarter Says:

    Just soldered the kit, and it was quite easy, although some holes could have a little bigger size, but it’s ok.

    Can’t test it though, need the quartoscillator :-/

  3. Tom Says:

    Ich habe das Kit5 bestellt. Es ist heute angekommen. Nun brauch ich nur noch den Quarz, den Spezial Chip, den 5V Regulator und n paar Kleinteile…und in 10 bis 8 Monaten…

  4. firestarter Says:

    We made a first Jam using the new GorF step-sequencer, Arduinome, max msp patch ‘Soyuz’, a Gameboy running LittleSoundDJ, LSDJMC2 Gameboy Midi-Interface, Renoise, Ableton Live and a Nord Micro-Modular.
    It’s the first session with a fresh soldered GorF.


  5. firestarter Says:


  6. jason duerr Says:

    My Digikey parts arrived yesterday, can’t wait to finish the assembly!

  7. George Welsh Says:

    Received in Canada

    Thanks Paul

  8. Tom Says:

    Hallo, I have the GorF. The GorF run, but I have any Problems. The LED Displays stands not still and show (fE Note etc) Midi Notes hang up.

    Pleace help me
    what can I do

  9. Paul Says:


    There’s a new version of the firmware (v0.23) which will resolve both of those issues.
    Check this page – http://www.vacoloco.net/synths/gorf/downloads.shtml


  10. Rickard Says:

    Will there be any more GORF-kits in the future?