GorF Kits Q&A

So, Here’s the results for the kit enquiry;

  • kit 1 = 8
  • kit 2 = 18
  • kit 3 = 14
  • kit 4 = 1
  • kit 5 = 56
That’s 97 boards, I only bought 100!

A few questions have been asked during this, so I’ll answer them now :

  • Is there a mail-list for GorF? not yet, but I could create a standard “mail-list”, if people want it.
  • Can I pre-order a kit? Sorry, no. I don’t want to take pre-orders when I’m struggling to find suppliers with parts, I don’t think it’s fair to take money for something I can’t supply immediately.
  • What is the Board Size? I thought I’d mentioned this somewhere else but it’s probably got lost in the excitement, it is 100mm by 80mm.
  • Will I be dropping VAT for exports?¬†I’m afraid I can’t. I’m not VAT registered, so I have to pay VAT on the parts I buy, which means I have to pass this on to people who buy the parts from me, sorry.
  • Can I ship to country¬†xxxx? yep, I’ll ship anywhere, provided you’re willing to pay the cost. I’m also going to be weighing the kits and that should give me an estimate for shipping costs to most countries, which I will post once I have the final pricing sorted.
  • What does kit 5 NOT include? Kit 5 doesn’t include the 5v regulator, 6n137, Step LEDs, 16Mhz oscillator, Resistors, Capacitor, Diodes and connectors. These are all pretty standard parts anywhere in the world. I’ve focused on getting the “hard to find” parts, like the micro, pots, displays and switches. It also doesn’t include the I2C EEPROM (24c512), I’ve not managed to get the code for this working yet, and again, it’s a fairly common part.

3 Responses to “GorF Kits Q&A”

  1. Matt Says:

    I really cant wait to get a chance to buy this, its really brilliant. I would have no problem giving money for a pre-order despite the comment above, just becuse this is so cool : )

  2. Marco Says:

    Hello Paul,
    I would like to buy a KIT 5 from you if you still have one available. Could you please contact me?
    thanks a lot

  3. endif Says:

    I don’t see any pricing information. I’m in for at least one #5 kit, possibly three. =]