GorF PCB update

Look what arrived in the post today, all 100 of them -

The board is black with white writing, my camera made this look patchy, it’s not, it’s a very nice black soldermask.

I’m now waiting for the parts from RS and the customs bill to arrive. RS don’t have all the parts I needed for 20 kits, so I’m going to have to do some shopping around. So we’re still on schedule for the kits being available at the end of February.

8 Responses to “GorF PCB update”

  1. HC GreenCard Says:

    Oh my goodness, I’d love to buy a kit and build one. I’d buy one right now if I could!

  2. HC GreenCard Says:

    If there are not enough parts available for a full kit for me I’ll just get the highest kit number available. Please email me; I just discovered this device, I’m so excited!

  3. Amos Says:

    Nice :)

  4. Flavio Mireles Says:

    I will take a Number(2) option
    Let me know when it is payment time. Thanks.

  5. brian tester Says:

    Is there a mailing list to get on? You know, to pre-order?

  6. jcsveth Says:

    That looks good and tight!! What are the board dimensions?

  7. Paul Burns Says:

    Any news when you will stock these again? I have an urgent need to build anfd gig one…


    Paul Burns

  8. Paul Says:

    At the moment I am unable to afford another run of GorF PCBs until I’ve sold the remainder of the Tron Kits and PCBs.

    Once those are sold I’ll be doing a revision of the GorF PCB with DC power connect and releasing some kits again.

    Thanks for your interest and best of luck wtih the gig.