GorF Boards on the way

Well, the PCBs have been shipped from China, just have to wait for them to get here and clear customs.

Whilst we’re waiting, I’d like to guage how many “kits” I need to buy parts for, so here’s what I’m proposing to offer for kits, you’ll still need to buy your own resistors, 6n137, oscillator module, diodes and capacitors.

I’ve put the approximate price in brackets, I won’t know the exact price until the customs and excise bill arrives.

  1. PCB on it’s own (6 UKP)
  2. PCB + AVR (preprogrammed) (13 UKP)
  3. PCB + AVR (preprogrammed) + Pots (20 UKP)
  4. PCB + AVR (preprogrammed) + Pots + Switches (50 UKP)
  5. PCB + AVR (preprogrammed) + Pots + Switches + 7 Segment Displays (54 UKP)
For pricing, please see this post – GorF Kit Availability.
What I’d like is an idea of how many of each kit people would be interested in buying, I don’t want to buy more parts than people want to buy, I expect most people want either kit 1 or kit 2, but I’d really like to guage how many of each part I need to buy.
So please, and a comment below saying which you’re interested in (it’s not a commiment to buy, just so I can guage numbers of parts).

80 Responses to “GorF Boards on the way”

  1. jay vaughan Says:

    Count me in for a #5, Mr. M…

  2. Travis Thatcher Says:

    Hi Paul, I’d be interested in option #5 when the kits are ready. I’m in Atlanta Georgia, USA zip 30316 for figuring shipping when the time comes.

    Looking forward to this!


  3. Endif Says:

    So long as example part numbers for mouser or whomever are included in the materials list, I’d be into the PCB + AVR kit.

    And on a side note, as an electronics noob, I think I can speak for all other noobs when I say that the more detailed you can make the build docs, the less we’ll come whining to you when we get stuck. ;]

    Looks like a great little sequencer, and I can’t wait to build and use several. Thanks for your hard work and for sharing with the rest of us. =]


  4. jcsveth Says:

    I’d be looking at three of #1 and 1 of #5 (to get up and going quickly – plus, those switches are damn cool). This will be going to the USA. It would be nice if we could bulk up a shipment to the US to save on shipping charges…

  5. loydmilligan Says:

    I will take option 2 x2.

  6. Johan Larsby Says:

    Hook me up with nr5, I’m lazy and want as much as possible to be ready for me!

  7. Thomas White Says:

    1 OF KIT #5. THANKS!


  8. John Audette Says:

    Kit 5.

  9. Tim Ressel Says:

    Put me in for 1 full kit please. Assuming you will be shipping to the good ol’ US of A.


  10. Dave Garfield Says:

    I’d be interested in the third option – PCB + AVR + Pots.

    I’m in Colorado, USA, so I’m sure that the price will be more for us “furriners”. ;->

    THANKS, and it looks like a GREAT little toy!


  11. Luke oWENS Says:

    I would like two of the number 2 option.



  12. Dave Says:

    Count me in for a number 4 – love those switches.

    In fact, I’d be interested in buying extras of the switches if you’re doing a bulk order.

  13. c1t1zen Says:

    one #5 kit please.

  14. Laurie Says:

    Kit #5 please. Being outside the UK/EU we don’t pay VAT, will you be dropping VAT on exports?

  15. Peter Ullrich Says:

    Count me in for a number 5 kit, please.
    (I already sent you an email with the same information…)


  16. Abe Mora Says:

    I would like 1 #5
    Im in Cali please let me know if you will ship over seas

  17. jvastine Says:

    Well since I reside in the USA and I see that you have an accurate & detailed BOM I will take option 2 x 2 to keep the overll cost down a bit. Why pay for the extra VAT, customs, excise, and shipping if you don’t have to. ;-)

  18. Paul Says:


    Alas I’m not VAT registered, so I do have to pay VAT on the items I buy, and I have to recover those costs, sorry.


  19. Paul Says:

    There’s a full BOM on the GorF pages – http://www.vacoloco.net/synths/gorf/downloads.shtml

    I’ve included part numbers and options from three suppliers.

    I can’t bulk buy as I don’t have that kind of capital, so any dicsounts I get will be minimal, but they will be passed on. I’m not intending to make a profit from this.

    It’s worth noting that as I’ve not yet managed to get the I2C EEPROM working, you can leave that part off your shopping lists for the time being.


  20. Patrick Logue Says:

    I would like 1 kit #5 please…

  21. Aaron Says:

    #5 please

    1-2 kits.


  22. Eike Says:

    Fabulous! I’d be in for 1 (or 2) kit #5 or more probably #2 (i’d take a complete one, but if i need to separately order parts anyway, it depends if i can find switches as cool as yours!). And pleaase more of your superdry vids.

  23. synth ollie Says:

    1x no #5 please


  24. noisesource Says:

    I will buy two #5 kits. :)

  25. Amos Says:

    Hi Paul, did you get my vid?
    Id like 3 of number 5, and 1 of number 3 please! (Feels like a chinese takeaway ;)
    Im uk btw: SN14 6LE.
    Take it easy,

  26. Frank Says:

    Sign me up as interested in one #5 kit. I’m also in the US. It’s great to see this project in motion! :-)

  27. Aris Says:

    Count me in for a no #1 AND a no #5

  28. Mike Says:

    I’d like 1 of option 1 please, (got lucky with some MEC switches from an Electronics Goldmine clearout).

    I’m in the UK.

    Thanks for an amazing project.


  29. Csaba Says:

    I’ll take one with option #5 please
    I am in the EU



  30. ROB Says:

    I’d like option 2x Number 3.
    I’ll be squeezing them into a FracRac with CV outs.

  31. Ben Says:

    I would buy a #5 and a #1.


  32. Sam E Says:

    Put me down for a #5. Such a cool little project. Congrats to you!

    Sam E.

  33. Gorf kit princing « mustakl Says:

    [...] more details over here. [...]

  34. Henk Brand Says:

    I would like option #3



  35. firestarter Says:

    Count me in for #5 with the hope the source will be released aswell one day for own mods.

    Ever considered an expansion to 16 steps?

    Thanks and keep up that good work


  36. Joel Says:

    I’ll take a #5, cheers!

  37. jim Says:

    option #5 for me

  38. Paul Says:


    Yes, I’ve considered 16 steps, there’s no way for this board to support 16 steps, so it’d have to be some way of running two two together (I need to think about it some more).

    And yes, the source code will be published when I start shipping boards, looking like the end of this month (february).


  39. Dave Says:

    I’d be interested in #2 assuming that part numbers are available for for the rest of the parts to purchase at a US distributor (Mouser, Digikey, Allied, etc.)

  40. andre Says:

    Hello Paul,

    please enter an order for 1x kit5



    Hi Paul,

    I´d like to have one kit “the full monty”, please :-)


    PS.: Great work!

  42. Pete Says:

    1 x #2 for me old boy!

  43. Cam Says:

    kit 5 x 1

  44. Andy Says:

    Option #2 for me.



  45. clickmrmike Says:

    I’m in for a #5 shipped to the US…Thanks for setting this up!

  46. firestarter Says:

    Fine, that sounds great. Thanks.

    Maybe with a simple master/slave solution. The master plays only the first (midi) ticks for 8 steps and the slave only the 2nd part of ticks.
    So each Gorf is kind of Idle for the half of the time.

    Just an idea, got to see it in action first ( and some source :) )


  47. alext Says:

    would most likely go for a kit #5

    here’s me nthIng a request for a full bill of materials from a UK based company!


  48. Paul Says:


    a full BOM is already available on the website as a PDF or excel spreadsheet ;- http://www.vacoloco.net/synths/gorf/downloads.shtml

    It’s only got UK suppliers in (RS, Rapid and Digikey), but I’ve tried to include manufacturer part numbers where I can to help people locate alternative suppliers around the world. The only part I cannot find other places is the pot.


  49. Nick Thompson Says:

    Paul, i you have room on your list I’d like to go for a #5 – all the bits.



  50. joshco Says:

    i´m in for a pcb + programmed AVR, if possible…

    (emailaddress in lower case letters)

  51. Dustin Says:

    I would purchase option #5 if and when it becomes available.


  52. Phil lPeery Says:

    I’d love to get my hands on two of option #5! Looks like a very cocol project! Kudos!


  53. Alan Says:

    I’m in for a couple or three of option 5.

    Could an external pulse clock input be wedged into the featureset?
    one master Gorf (or simple sequencer) could then sequentially clock multiple slaves, maybe via its LED driver lines?

  54. Create Digital Music » DIY Music Update: Step Sequencer, Magic MIDI Box, Hackable Mobile Sound Says:

    [...] The GorF step sequencer appeared in a video demo a few weeks ago. But if you were intrigued by the YouTube rendition of GorF, the time to get your own is nearing. PCBs have arrived and, in a DIY Valentine’s Day present, there’s a poll about interest. [...]

  55. Wallace Winfrey Says:

    Count me in for a #5, shipping to Colorado.

  56. Nicolas Says:

    I would like two of option 2. Thank you for your efforts on this. Cheers, nicolas

  57. plasticeyes Says:

    I’d take a kit #5 for sure…

  58. Jackson Says:

    I’d be interested in a #5 kit.

    Shipping to AUS wouldn’t be much of an issue would it?


  59. lucid Says:

    I’d be down for #5

  60. jason duerr Says:

    yes for several #3

    Paul, I’ve sent you a BOM with references to parts sources in the USA.

    Jason // Chicago

  61. HC GreenCard Says:

    I will buy kit #5 immediately, please email me and I will pay shipping to USA.

  62. john Says:

    Put me down for a #5 please

  63. michael hewel Says:

    I’ll go for a kit #5
    location: sweden
    cheers, michael

  64. johan Says:

    I’m interested in two of #3. Some of the parts might be possible to source from elfa (at least for us scandinavians).

  65. joshco Says:

    I´m in for a pcb and a programmed avr


  66. Mark Says:

    I’d be interested in at most 2 #5′s.

  67. Ryan Says:

    Count me in for a #2 (pcb+avr). Thanks! Lovely work.

  68. Flavio Mireles Says:

    I will take a Number(2) option. Let me know when to pay you.

  69. brian tester Says:

    Hi. Looks like I’m a little late, but I am interested in a #5.

  70. Pierre-Yves de jonge Says:

    Hi Paul, i’m interested in kit #5, shipped to belgium. Thanks for setting this up too.

  71. CHris Says:

    Id be interested in getting #5 but im in america so if i could get some info on how international orders are going to be made thatd be wonderful. im very excited.

  72. tony Says:

    hi paul great project!
    I like to have kit 3 but with Switches instead of pot!


  73. George Welsh Says:

    Put ne down for the full monty Paul, a #5. Nice project!


  74. cappy anderson Says:

    I would like to order option #5 when the time come

  75. Jed Says:

    #5 for me thanks

  76. Mark bokowiec Says:

    Hi Paul

    You can definately put me down for a complete kit – great design!

  77. kai Says:

    I’d go for 1×5 please

  78. Thomas Scheffler Says:

    Hello, I come from Germany and want buy the Kit #5. It is impossiply?

    I need the GorF Sequencer.


  79. polyaural Says:

    I’m definitly need Kit #5. Please let me know when I can get one and where I have to send the money.

    I’m very impressed about this fine little piece of hardware. What do you think, is it possible to get one in the next weeks, so I can use the complete build GroF on my live concert on April, 18th? (I hope you can)

    Thank you


  80. Heitor Says:

    Hi M8! Count me for a #5 kit, one will be good for me ;o) – atomsize@youtube