GorF Downloads

I’ve updated theĀ GorF downloads page, I’ve made available the Eagle files for the schematic and PCB and also Version 0.22 of the firmware, as a sysex file.

The New version now uses the Load and Store buttons, and allows loading and storing of 8 sequences in the internal EEPROM. There’s still a bit of a hiccup when saving, not much I can do about that at this moment in time. It also now loads the next sequence when the current loop has finished, rather than just jumping in immediately.

I’ve still got to sort out accessing the Serial EEPROM, I think this will be a while as it’s giving me an enormous problem, I really don’t understand why!

I’ll try and do a demo video showing the sysex update process and the use of the Load/Store buttons sometime over the weekend.

Also, I’ve heard from the PCB house and everything is looking good.

One Response to “GorF Downloads”

  1. Amos Says:

    Hey Paul,
    Followed this with interest, but cant seem to contact you via the ‘Contact Us’ email link (Opens MS Outlook, I dont use it).
    Anyways, have you thought about starting an interest list in the Gorf?
    Id love a kit, and im sure loads of others would, but you have no way of knowing how many so cant judge productions runs…
    This is of course entirely selfish on my part; if youre gonna sell 10 to begin with then I want to make sure I get my hands on one ^_^
    Also, an idea, the Future Retro Revolution has a Remix Function, do you think that is something that could be programmed into the GorF? (As it would be sweeeet!)
    Nice one,