Yet another GorF update

So, first the good news, I’ve ordered the PCBs, ETA for delivery is end of February. I’ve taken a huge leap of faith and ordered a 100 of them, as I can get them at a good price for that. This means that assuming customs don’t hammer me, we should be talking 5UKP for each board.

Now the switches, I got a quote from a supplier and the first break point was for 250 switches. they came in at 1.19 UKP (+VAT) each, the caps at 0.35 UKP (+VAT) each. The ones without LEDs were a little bit cheaper. Now the big problem is, that little lot comes to 482.50 UKP (+VAT), and I just don’t have that kind of money. 

So for the moment, the kits I sell which include switches, will be at the price I buy them from rapid or RS. and I’ll buy enough “kit bits” for 10 of each kit initially and see what kits sell and then keep more of those “on hand”.

I’ll have prices up once the PCBs arrive and I’ve paid the customs charges and know what they cost me in total :-)

I’m not intending on making a profit from this, but I also don’t intend to make a loss, so I need to be careful on the prices of the kits.

Right, back to coding, I’ve got a feature I want to implement before the boards come in.

2 Responses to “Yet another GorF update”

  1. monokit Says:

    Where can i order a kit?

    Kind regards, Tom

  2. Paul Says:


    Sorry the Kits aren’t available yet. I’ll post details when they are available.