GorF PCB, V2

I actually finished the PCB layout a week ago, but I’ve been letting it sit and making minor changes as I go, little things like part numbers, moving things around etc. I think it’s now pretty much final, so next week after I’ve been paid, I”m going to order 50 of these and see how we go with them.

I think I’m going to go for Black solder resist with yellow text for this run of boards, though Red with white text is still an option, it’s a difficult decision!

11 Responses to “GorF PCB, V2”

  1. Acoostix Says:

    Lookin’ great man! I’ll take 2 as soon as your ready!

  2. Luke Says:

    I would love to get one of these when they are available. Very nice work. Thanks. Luke.

  3. james Says:

    Looks great, Paul. ONly one thing’s missing – there are no mounting holes, so mounting it in a case is out of the question. That’s OK, since the control layout is tight enough that it’d be hard to produce a proper overlay and I’m a huge fan of bare boards.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  4. Paul Says:

    James, yep you’re right, but alas I have no space for any holes :-)
    though if you’re mounting it in a case, you may want to remove the two midi sockets, so you could use those maybe?
    Or even the hole for the 7805 regulator screw?


  5. Joel Says:

    Looks brill! Any idea on cost? Black/yellow sounds good, it’ll help distinguish us folks that got a board from the first run ;)

  6. jim Says:

    just wondering how much each board will be? Also go with the black w/ yellow text!

  7. Paul Says:

    Cost, Well a lot depends on the shipping and customs cost. I’m estimating around 5UKP for each board.
    I need to see what discount I can get for buying the AVRs in quantities of 50.

  8. monokit Says:

    I want one as well! You should start to accept preorders…;)

  9. james Says:

    @paul: yup, the MIDI jacks would definitely have to go to mount it in a case. I usually design my stuff with the MIDI on the back of the board, but that only works when case or panel mounting.

    There’s room to attach little rubber feet to the bottom of your tiny board, and that’s all we need. :)

  10. Paul Says:


    yep, you coul dget some of them rubber sticky feet and use them.
    There’s enough space under the CPU and under the pots at the front to make it stable.


  11. at Says:

    just tell me where to sign!