A new toy, for an old

Variax 700 Electric, RedWell, I knew it would happen, no sooner had I started playing my risa guitar that I’d want something else. I feel like an A.A. member – “My name is Paul and I suffer with G.A.S.” (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Though I have sold my Risa guitar to part fund the new acquisition, so I don’t feel too bad.

Anyway, I bought a Line6 Variax 700 electric guitar on ebay. As much as I liked my Risa guitar I had two problems wth it.
Firstly, I couldn’t rest it on my leg and play, something I do with my bass a lot whilst waiting for uploads/downloads/imports/compilations/etc, I find it kind of ‘theraputic’ to just tinker away.
Secondly, I found tuning it very hard, I beleive it’s something to do with the tuners having a different ratio to a regular guitar tuner.
Thirdly, and this isn’t a problem with the guitar, but one of the reasons I used to justy it to myself, is that I want to start recording soem guitar music and sometimes I’ll want a 12 string or acoustic sound. So instead of having lots of guitars, I can just have this one. Ok, it’s flimsy, but….

Anyway, so far I’m really impressed, I took it on holiday with me to spain and speant a lot of time practicing on it (I have a battery powered guitar/headphone amp) its a joy to use, it plays great (remember I’m no expert) and sounds fantastic, at least to me.

Now I doubt I’ll ever use the banjo sounds, and probably never the metal body resonators. But a lot of the sounds I will use occasionally, like the 12 string electric and acoustics and possibly even the sitar for a bit of ‘psychadelic wierdness’.

I can’t tell you if the fender or gibson emulations sound like the originals, but I can tell you, that there’s ample tonal variation in the sounds for anyone. I ran it off batteries for two weeks, playing an average of 1.5 hours a day, and never had to recharge them. Most of the time I’ll be using it at home to record with, so I’ll be using the power-supply that comes with it.

The only problem is now, I’ve got G.A.S. for the Line6 PodXT-Live, ARGGHH!!!

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