GorF Sysex

Well, after much head scratching, GorF can now be updated via MIDI sysex.

It’s not entirely perfect just at the moment as you have to slow the MIDI Sysex stream down a little (other wise you get two or three errors in the download. In Midi-ox you have to set the output buffer size to 64 bytes with a 200mS delay between buffers.

I’ve borrowed code for the writing of data from Ralph Hilton’s CVMegaUpload project, I’ve mailed him to confirm he’s happy for me to GPL the code for the bootloader.

So, the next step is to get some boards made, I’m going to go with an initial run of 50, from PCBCart as they are a good price, and offer a range of colours for the boards. Whilst waiting for them I can work on the I2C code for the EEPROM and start looking at suppliers for quantities of AVRs, pots, displays and so on.

I’m also intending to trial GorF on a battery next week, probably 9V battery, plug it in set it running, and then time how long it lasts, should be an interesting test.

One Response to “GorF Sysex”

  1. Jasonn Says:

    That’s great, let us know when you get some boards made up, check out digikey, mouser, and all electronics for parts. All electronics is a surplus seller so you can get some pretty good deals there. Always think red boards look cool, get tired of the same old green!