And it was going so well!

Well, the prototype PCB arrived to day. So I built it ;-

The parts all fitted, including the ones I had to make PCB footprints for myself. There’s no spacing issues and everything was looking great, and then…..

I powered it up, everything powers up fine, but there’s some issues.

Firstly it looks like I’ve reversed the displays, ie the digit that’s on the right on the strip-board version is on the left hand side on this, that’s an easy fix in software.

For some reason it also does a bit of a “disco” (lots of seemingly random flashing lights), pop the CPU back into my strip-board one, and it works a treat.

So looks like I’ll be spending this weekend checking my Eagle schematic against my strip-board one and working out what I’ve done wrong….

Good thing I only ordered two of these boards.

2 Responses to “And it was going so well!”

  1. ANdreas Says:

    Nice work with the sequencer! I am seriously interested in a kit if you should make them available sometime. But I think on this particular board everything is a little too tight and packed together.

    Right now the only small stepsequencer with Midi seems to be the step64, which is way overpriced in my opinion.

  2. Paul Says:


    Thanks, yeah, things are a bit on the tight side. The PCB package I used (Eagle) has a limit of 100mm by 80mm for board size (well, it is free).

    Someone with the full version of Eagle has very kindly offered to take the design and make the board a little bigger to make it easier to use.

    I’d be interested to see what people think about the size, I thought it would be a bit small but I love the fact this fits in the palm of my hand and yet it’s still usable.

    There’s a video coming shortly where I explain everything, and I’ll also be showing it to some people to get feedback about the size.