Time to think

TunnelWell, my holiday is over. I really enjoyed my time away from work and computers.

We stayed in a flat, away from the main town center (~2km) and it was fantastically quiet and relaxing. Aswell as getting a lot of practice on my guitar, I also did a lot of thinking.

As some of you are aware, in November I will become a grandfather (care of my step son), and this, along with my ambition to emigrate to spain, has made me stop and take stock of my life. To think about what is and is not important to me.

I’m pretty certain now that I’ll be selling my stick shortly after it arrives. I have a guitar and a bass that I love playing. I have a great recorder (VS2480) and some great synths (Chameleons, etc). So do I really need another intrument? Do I really need to start learning something new from scratch when I still have a way to go with my guitar and bass?

What is important to me are, my wife and family (including my dog), my friends and my music (playing and writing). Spending over £2K on another instrument seems excessive, when I have a long way to go with both guitar and bass and the money could be better served going to my ‘moving to spain fund’.

Another line of thought I was thinking of whilst on holiday was that I’m really enjoying playing music, and I find the prospect of building another synth, whatever it may have been, less and less appealing. I will finish Defender, but then I think my ‘synth making’ will be confined to the Chameleon, because it doesn’t cost me anything other than my time and also doesn’t take up as much space (don’t forget that synth building involves a lot of space for parts and assembly). I have lots of projects I started for the Chameleon, including a wavetable synth, so I shall be pushing on with these. I will be putting them in the synths section of my site for people to download and use in their own Chameleon.

Anyway, I also took some more pictures whilst on holiday, not as many as I had hoped because I kept forgetting to take my camera. I’ve uploaded them to my gallery, I hope you enjoy them.

2 Responses to “Time to think”

  1. Chris Booth Says:

    That was a great picture to choose for this subject. But it does leave me with the impression that your future seems a little … er… indeterminate?

  2. Paul Says:

    I have a goal in mind, “to lead a simple life”, this doesn’t imply a lack of responsability, but more imples a ‘focusing’ of my life and my time.
    To get there I will need to take several ‘steps’ along the way. Deciding what was important to me, and what I enjoyed as opposed to what I thought I enjoyed, was one such step.
    The decision to stop spending money and time ‘making’ instruments and focus on playing them, is another step.
    In short, these things take time, so ‘intermediate’ or ‘transitional’ is an apt phrase.