GorF V0.18

Well, I’ve added MIDI sync input, and tested it, surprisingly easy actually. Well once I worked out that the ER-1 doesn’t send Start/Stop information unless it’s in ‘internal sync’ mode although it sends MIDI timing clock messages out regardless of what mode it’s in.

the only remaining feature to add is MIDI Root note input, I should be able to do that this weekend. Once done, I’ll record another video and post it on YouTube.

I’ve also had a stab at an Oakley/MOTM style panel, which I believe is the same as the “dotcom” panel size (if not, can someone let me know the dimensions?).

The panel is the same size as my PolyDAC, so it’s quite a big module.

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    This is exactly what I had in mind. Problem….I now need to build a modular to put it in !!!. Only other thought, a way of chaining more than one together, possibly a hardwired job for real time 16 steps. A master and slave would be nice but that would mean a second design unless it could be built on the same PCB leaving out bits as required. Only a thought, you could add sequential switch module etc etc but that would defeat the object of a simple 1 module sequencer.

  2. Paul Says:


    hehe, the options are endless, but once the code is out people can add/change things as they want. with the two remaining unused pins a ‘Chain in/out’ link could be created, but for now, I think it has more than enough features :-)


  3. YveS USSON Says:

    The DOTCOM panel size information is available at synthesizers.com : http://www.synthesizers.com/panel.gif

  4. Paul Says:


    Thanks, but it actually doesn’t give the height of the module :-)
    It shows the widths, spacing and position of the holes, etc, but not the height.


  5. YVES USSON Says:

    Yes I did not realize that… in fact the full height is 8 3/4 inches, in fact this is indicated in the technical page of their site :

    I quote :
    Each synthesizer module consists of a front panel and a circuit board mounted on the back. Panels can be individually removed from the synthesizer cabinet after removing the power connector. Panels are made of .062″ aluminum, sanded, formed on the sides for strength, masked, painted, textured, then silkscreen printed. All panels are 8.75″ in height and come in various ‘widths’. A single width panel is 2.125″ – all others are multiples of this single width. Common sizes are single width, double width, quad width, and octal width.”



  6. Paul Says:


    That’ll teach me to spend more time on the website.


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