GorF v 0.17

Well, I’ve done a little more work on GorF, and added a couple of extra feature, so this is the current feature set -

  • Ability to store and load 4 sequences, along with their parameters
  • 8 Steps
  • Each step has Note number, velocity, gate on/off, Gate Length, Legato on/off, CC1 and CC2 controls
  • Variable Tempo (no MIDI sync yet)
  • Variable ‘base note’ for the notes being played
  • Selectable CC’s for CC1 and CC2 channels
  • Variable sequence length
  • MIDI Clock out (with start/stop)
  • Rock solid timing
  • Variable Step Length
  • Legato mode

That’s about it for features, I don’t plan to add anything more, but I do have a couple of things left to implement ;-

  • MIDI Clock in
  • MIDI Root Note in

As I don’t have any other MIDI clock sources or destinations a friend of mine, Paul Nagle, is lending me his Electribe ER-1. Once I’ve got the MIDI in features added and tested, I’ll record another video and post it on YouTube.

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