GorF, version 0.15

Here’s the next version of the OS for GorF, we’ve got a couple of new features and some enhancements.

I’ve fixed the issue with the timing jitter and it’s now rock solid, I’ve also added MIDI clock out (with start and stop commands). As for ‘new’ features, I’ve added a step length and also a legato mode. So those tb303 fans out there can do their sliding thing.

Anyway, actions speak louder than words, so here’s a video.

Please bare with me for the video editing, I’m still getting the hang of iMovie. The little ‘skip’ in there is my bad video editing, not the sequencer jumping, I wanted to add a text box explaining what the part I’m showing does, but I can’t seem to do it without having to hack up the video, in this case resulting in a ‘skip’.

If anyone has any good links to ‘how to use iMovie’ do let me know :-)

2 Responses to “GorF, version 0.15”

  1. Brandon Daniel Says:

    Are those rotary encoders or pot-based voltage dividers? I dig it!

  2. Paul Says:


    Thanks for the comments.
    They’re just ordinary pots setup, as you say, as voltage dividers, the wiper feeds the ADC input on the AVR :-)